Maintaining your company profiles on social media can be a difficult and tedious task, right? But if we take into account that the world of social media is increasingly competitive, companies have to always be adapting and updating ourselves to the changes, news and strategies that are emerging.

Having a well-defined marketing strategy in Social Media will help you achieve the goals and objectives that you set, but for this. good content is essential.

This content has to be innovative and fresh in order to create interest in your followers and in the possible target audience that reaches your profile.

At Use It we want to help our clients and companies improve their marketing on social networks, so we tell you 10 tips to do so:

1 # Share only quality content

Today there is a lot of information on the Internet, so the ideal is to know how to select it and share only the most relevant. Content is the best way to reach your customers, so we recommend that you never share worthless content, that could reduce your number of followers.

2 # Interact with your followers

It is not easy to attract customers through social platforms, but it will be more difficult if you do not interact with your audience.

You do not have to be a mere spectator, answer their questions, appreciate their participation, listen to them and give them what they need. Be an active member first and foremost.

3 # Manage a content calendar

Working with a content calendar for Social Media will help you carry out your marketing strategy on social networks more efficiently and will also allow you to prioritize the publications that interest you the most.

And the best! It is very easy, you can create it your way or download the template that best suits your work method.

4 # Add images to your content

People spend a lot of time on the Internet and tend to read the first paragraph of publications to see if they find it interesting or not. Therefore, the first 10 seconds are very important to get their attention.

A good way to do this is by adding audiovisual content, which can define the content of the publication and which is attractive enough to them to continue reading you.

5 # Use impressive titles

Since social networks are saturated with information, much content goes unnoticed in the eyes of many people, so a good eye-catching title will help you capture the attention of your readers. For this you can use a short and easy-to-understand title.

6 # Create content that provokes intrigue

In addition to creating good quality content, it is important that it is also interesting. Try not to be boring or predictable. Do not give clues in the introduction, ask questions that make the reader think and have the need to continue reading.

7 # Place the icons of your social networks on the blog

It is important to facilitate access to our social networks so that more and more people can access our content, we do this through direct links to our social media. Another option is the “Follow me” buttons directly within our blog.

8 # Highlight your news

To do this, we can create a link to our news directly in the bio. of our social networks, in such a way that, each time they visit our profiles, they can directly access the content.

9 # Post when your followers are active

Not any time is useful for uploading content to our profiles, you have to know what are the best times to do so, and that is when most of our followers are online. You do not have to publish at the same time on all social networks because each one has hours where there are the greatest number of connected users.

10 # Calculate the frequency of your publications

We have to take into account how bad is the excess of publications as the absence of them. You have to know the number of publications that we must make in each social network, since the publications that we can make on Twitter in X time are not the same as those that we can make on Facebook. We do not want to bore anyone so you have to time well to be able to publish.