Before launching yourself headlong on Youtube, it is necessary to have developed a relevant and realistic video strategy upstream. So if you want to improve your YouTube channel, here are 10 tips!

1 – Have good equipment

The first thing you must have in mind before launching a Youtube channel for your E-Commerce is that you must have the right equipment. You cannot offer low quality video content to your internet users. Quality allows you to differentiate yourself and create a feeling of trust among Internet users , which is essential for an E-Commerce.

To create a quality video, you need at least:

A microphone , the first product to invest in is a microphone, the success of a video lies very much in the sound.

A camera , obviously for a video you need a camera, but you can just as easily opt for a camera with the film option. A tripod for attaching the camera can be very helpful.

A lamp , a tool that is important in order to have better light and a more professional quality.

Editing software , for optimal rendering, it is advisable to avoid free software.

And finally, do not hesitate to perform tests to observe the visual and sound rendering.

2 – Optimize your YouTube channel

Before sharing all of your videos on your Youtube channel, you need to optimize your channel. For this, you must take into account different points:

The name of your channel , it must represent your identity. Most brands use their company name, however your name should be short.

The description , you have to describe the relevant content on the channel and announce what you will find on the channel, you must not forget to put the link of your site.

The channel icon is the image displayed on your videos and your channel on Youtube. The displayed icon will be 98 x 98 pixels, it is recommended that the dimensions of your image be 800 x 800 pixels.

The channel illustration is the banner found above the channel icon on a Youtube channel. This illustration is the possibility to make your channel visually attractive and to present the personality of your brand. The image should be less than 4 MB in size and the recommended dimensions of 2560 x 1440 pixels.

Playlists are a great way to group your videos according to themes. In addition, the playlists are read automatically, the videos scroll in succession without any action for the user. This then has the effect of increasing the number of views and the viewing time.

3 – Create unique YouTube thumbnails

Thumbnails are very important on Youtube, they are essential visual elements to improve your Youtube channel. These YouTube thumbnails allow you to have your own unique and recognizable style, it is also a great way to attract users to your video. Internet users don’t know what your videos look like until they click, which is why these thumbnails will help you convey the message of the video, they can be likened to a movie poster.

It is recommended that these YouTube thumbnails have a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, the size limit is 2MB. In addition, in order to have a more professional look to your channel, you can:

Make a short introduction: create a short 3-second video sequence as an introduction, allowing you to set up a personal identity on your videos.

Make an end sequence: generally this sequence is used to ask the person who just watched the video to subscribe to the channel, or to follow you on social networks.

4 – Use topics relevant to Internet users

As explained before, Youtube is a kind of search engine, that’s why you have to know what interests Internet users. It is therefore necessary to do a keyword analysis, for this there are different means:

Perform a simple search on Youtube:

From the automatic completion and suggestions from the Youtube search engine, you will be able to find the most relevant topics for your e-commerce. Even if you will not be able to know the search volume, you will be able to observe the searched subjects. For example, if you sell graphics cards in your online store, you will be able to refine your searches and spot opportunities.

Use a tool like Google Trends:

This tool is widely used by SEOs to find out about trends on Google. But what not everyone knows is that Google Trends can also be used for Youtube searches. In addition, the tool allows you to make comparisons between several keywords, which can be very useful in choosing a title.

5 – Know your audience

Understanding who your target audience is goes a long way in formulating and producing videos accordingly. Many companies make the “mistake” of spending all of their time trying to get new customers on Youtube, while keeping those who are already customers happy.

Improving the experience is just as important, maybe it is these satisfied customers who will bring you new customers. Using current customers to expand your audience can be an effective technique. That’s why knowing your customers and audience is necessary to be able to reach out to them and create videos according to their needs.