For some time now, Instagram has become the favorite social network to advertise in companies, either through classic publications or new stories. In addition, Instagram offers a service for both the smallest that are becoming known, even the largest companies, which allows them to sell their products this service is Instagram shopping. But, how do Instagram stories and Instagram shopping favor your brand?


Instagram stories are audiovisual content, they can be videos or images, which are only visible for 24 hours on our profile and companies find them very useful to carry out promotions or advertise specific store events.


1 # Enhance engagement with your followers

In the event that you are preparing an event, you can give your followers an advance in a way that attracts them and thus they are aware of what you are preparing. The simple fact of giving them a part already makes them participate and shows them how important they are for your company

2 # Direct links This

is a feature that all users have been crying out for since it was created, but the truth is that it is only available for those accounts that have more than 10k followers. With this tool you can upload direct links to the web page with the function of “Swipe up” (swipe up).

For example, if you have an online store, you can display your products and link them directly to your product page on the web. Or if you have a blog, you can have direct access with just one click.

3 # Creation of surveys

Surveys are a strong point for companies since they can thus measure the degree of satisfaction of your followers and, for example, know if they have to improve something. The good thing about Instagram polls is that you get instant feedback on the questions you ask your followers. It is a point very in favor of stories.

4 # Humanize your brand

The purpose of the Intagram stories is to highlight some moment of the day to day. Unlike posts on other social networks, Stories allow you to share content in an informal and fun way. In this way, even if your company is dedicated to something more classic and serious, you can always show your friendliest side.


How many of you haven’t seen something on instagram that you liked and that you wanted to buy, but you couldn’t because you didn’t know where it was from, right?  Well, Instagram shopping is the solution to your problem! This feature is a method for stores to add price tags to photos so that when you see something you like, you can buy it. But not all accounts can use this tool. Companies that want to participate in this Instagram functionality have to meet certain requirements:

Have a company profile.

Sell   physical products on its official website.

Integrate catalog on Facebook (Shopify or Bigcommerce).

Latest version of Instagram installed.

Publish a minimum of 9 publications for the purchase button to be activated.


When you meet all the requirements that we have mentioned above, you only have to follow the following steps to configure it in your profile:

Go to your account settings.

Click on products.

Select the product catalog.


Once Instagram shopping is enabled, you can upload the images and tag the products.


It is clear that this is a functionality that should not be overlooked. It is a way to open a new “direct” sales channel and brings with it the following advantages:

1 # More traffic from Instagram to your website

By clicking on the Instagram purchase you access the website directly, thus you get more visits

2 # Greater number of orders

By being more visible you directly get more orders. Your sales will increase and you will know which ones come from Instagram

3 # Positioning source

Maybe your brand does not have a good SEO position in Google, because with Instagram shopping, put more efforts to position yourself better in the social network.