Before launching yourself headlong on Youtube, it is necessary to have developed a relevant and realistic video strategy upstream. So if you want to improve your YouTube channel, here are 10 tips!

1 – Have good equipment

The first thing you must have in mind before launching a Youtube channel for your E-Commerce is that you must have the right …

In recent years, digital marketing has become a much more powerful aspect of any business’s promotional efforts as more and more consumers continue to depend on the internet. While there are many components that can determine the success and effectiveness of a digital marketing strategy, there is one particular subcomponent that has proven to be much more impactful these days: …

YouTube is the second most visited site in the world behind Google. With almost 2 billion monthly users worldwide, it is obvious that YouTube represents a platform that makes many companies dream. The latter know these figures and are all looking to use Youtube for their business. Indeed, YouTube can be an excellent marketing channel for your E-commerce to sell …

Have a useful channel for your customers (FAQ / tutorials ..)

Youtube can be a great medium if you want to explain the functionality of your products in order to help your customers and provide them with useful content. This kind of video gives value to your products and establishes a relationship of trust with your Internet users and therefore …

If YouTube is today a key content platform, videos represent an essential medium for companies.

This article explains how to create a YouTube channel to upload videos and grow a brand’s audience.

How to create a YouTube channel

  • Create a Google Account
  • Add brand information
  • Customize the channel
  • Publish videos and optimize their SEO

1 – Create a Google account