Do you know which is the largest professional social network in the world? Right! LinkedIn is one of the most important networks in terms of personal and professional branding, therefore, you should not leave it aside in your digital Marketing plan.

LinkedIn is a social network designed and directed primarily for professionals. It is designed to promote business and professional relationships, although in the same way it is a great opportunity to turn your brand into a benchmark in your sector.

In this social network, unlike others such as Facebook or Twitter, you will find profiles of companies or qualified people in any field. It is the favorite network of company recruiters, job seekers or companies and freelancers looking for job opportunities.


On LinkedIn, engagement is based on the relationship your followers have with your profile and the image you give to companies that move in your specialized sector.

1 # Information and transparency

Just as you would not deliver a half-written CV, it is important that you add as much information as possible to your profile, as this will generate more interest and more possibilities of generating business with your visitors. Although it is very important that ALL the information you include is real, since people will look for external references outside the platform and if they are not true your visitors will cross you off their list of candidates.

2 # Publishing relevant news at the best time

LinkedIn has a much higher traffic than Twitter or Facebook, however, it is important that you look for the hours when there are more people connected and publish relevant news, this will help your followers value you more and that your publications are seen by more people and, therefore, more valued and read. It is recommended to do about twenty posts a month, although it is obvious that the more you post, the better. But remember, better quality than quantity

3 # Generate interactions

Generating interactions with your posts and with your profile will help you to obtain greater relevance and at the same time, to generate Networking with possible collaborators or companies. You can ask co-workers and / or trade or friends to interact with your post.

4 # Take advantage of the potential of this platform

This platform offers a multitude of tools and functionalities, and it is vitally important that you know how to use them in order to get the most out of it. In addition, LinkedIn offers a large number of updates and new features from time to time and it is very positive for your engagement to be up to date with all of them and use them to optimize your page.