• Don’t start without a thoughtful plan.

Remember that a profile on a given portal is not meant to simply exist. He cannot “hang” there idly.

Those who will check what your company is doing on the web will surely find such a profile. Little or no activity – you’ll admit it – doesn’t look inviting.

You need to know, for example, what exactly you want to do on a given portal, what type of content to publish in social media, at what times you intend to do it, and who specifically is to deal with it all.

  • Check what your competition is doing.

Well, you have the advantage that you are just starting out. There are already companies in your industry that have paved the way. So you have an excellent opportunity to simply analyze all their actions.

Observe closely what your competitors are doing online. Take a look at performance, especially which content types are generating the most traffic.

  • Post content at specific times.

Creating a specific “regime” is a very good idea. On the one hand, a fixed publication schedule allows recipients to expect content at certain times, and on the other hand, it forces you to be regular.

Overall, timeliness in social media pays off. Very long breaks and thus the lack of contact with the recipients make people a bit weaned from your brand. On the other hand, if your profile is active, it will not only satisfy existing users but also attract new ones.

  • Try to build authority in your topic niche.

It’s good to get involved in social media on topics that are familiar to you.

In this way, you add new value or knowledge to the discussion, which in time also brings popularity.

Especially on Facebook, you can see people who offer their advice here and there, while at the same time exposing their content, putting themselves in the role of experts in their fields. In this way, they gain not only obedience but also commissions.

It is therefore worth taking part in some discussion from time to time – in a positive way, of course. Perhaps you will attract the attention of people who will be in need and whom your company will be able to help.

Social Media In Marketing 

Marketing has changed a lot. You can call it an atomic bomb. This atomic bomb is the Internet and social media because, before the Internet era, only big players could afford large advertising campaigns to reach hundreds of thousands of people regardless of the market. Fifteen years ago, there was no Google, no Facebook. Hardly anyone could afford a television. Now we are in a completely different situation, because everyone, by investing a few zlotys, can reach any number of people on this planet. Depending on how budget and creativity will allow him.

How Can You Use Social Media?

There are many opportunities to use different media to your advantage and expand your business. It also largely depends on good research and being up to date with what is currently happening. This is called real-time marketing. Some companies take advantage of the current situation of large scale (cultural, political event) to create a product that will be tailored to it and increase their sales.