A Social Media may be a social system made from people, organizations, or entities that are connected to each other by one or several varieties of relationships such as friendship, kinship, economic, sexual relations, common interests, experimentation of equivalent beliefs, among other possibilities.

An Excellent Source Of Information

Social media can be a great place to learn and find solutions to everyday problems. Whether they seek medical advice, cooking recipes, travel tips, etc., the opinion of their contacts on social networks always worries them and will be taken into account.

Without a doubt, the most advantage that this new channel offers us is the possibility of being in touch with people that are in anywhere and zone, at a really low cost. this enables us to share interesting news about our life through statuses, images, and videos that show details about our day to day, giving the chance to our family and friends who live distantly, to feel that they’re a crucial part of our life, without the need for an airplane ticket or long distance phone calls. But personal relationships aren’t the sole thing, social networks also help us to remain informed in real-time about what’s happening around us. Today we are all street reporters because through digital platforms we will express ourselves, demonstrate, mobilize people or transmit our disagreement within the face of current problems.

Advantages Of Social Media: 

Immediate communication: Companies can publish, for instance, their content instantly and see user reactions shortly afterward. 

Job opportunities: Social media can function as a springboard to supply a beautiful covering letter. This, as long as companies nowadays tend to research the profiles of candidates to find out more about them. 

Entertainment: they provide accessible information in real-time and on-demand. you’ll choose who to follow to remain informed. 

Social complaint: Social Media serves to show situations that in some traditional media can go unnoticed. Additionally, users tend to hitch in on these causes, giving them greater visibility. 

When it involves training actions or common interests, this feature is of great help. 

Improve brand visibility: Image is extremely important for companies. Through the web, businesses can cross barriers and make a recognizable brand anywhere within the world. 

Dissemination of company content: Content is an important part of the business strategy because visits to the firm’s page increase and, therefore, potential clients also increase.

 Measure marketing actions: An intervention is administered, for instance, an ad campaign, and soon the reactions of users towards that action is known.

History Of Social Media:

Social networks in social sciences Initially, social networks were a theory of Social Sciences to designate social structures characterized by the dynamic relationships that are established between people, groups, and institutions. Hence, it can cover all types of ties, from work, academic and professional, to kinship and affinity. The author who first used the concept of the social network systematically was the Australian anthropologist John Arundel Barnes

He used it to ask patterns of ties between individuals, like people who are often registered in certain Social Media, like families, tribes, or ethnic groups. However, the idea of social networks has been applied to varied sub-disciplines of the Social Sciences, like sociology, anthropology, psychology, communication studies, among others. In this sense, social networks have many applications in people’s daily lives. It is often used mainly for socializing (finding old friends and making new friends), but also for creating professional contacts, trying to find work, etc. Additionally, there are thematic social networks, which permit people with equivalent concerns and affinities to contact and share interests.

 As such, social networks have meant a revolution within the way people communicate and interact and within the way they interact with the new tools offered by information technologies. In this sense, they need to be a turnaround within the field of human communications, the flow of data, and immediacy, to the purpose that the foremost important are often considered as another means of communication. Currently, among the foremost popular within the world, are Facebook and Twitter.