10 options are available to share an Instagram story using the dedicated interface. Even if you are a frequent user of the insta story, you will undoubtedly learn some tips in this instagram story tutorial.

You will see them by scrolling left or right at the bottom of your screen.

# 1 Instagram Story Style: Text (Type)

This setting provides a colorful background to enhance your text.

Simply change the color by tapping the icon at the bottom left of your screen, then select a font by tapping the icon at the top of the screen. Your insta ig therefore simply conveys a message.

# 2 Music Instagram story

This option allows you to add music to Instagram video. First, find the music you want to add to your story and select it. It’s a way to add emotion to your story ig.

You can then scroll the slider to the point where you want the music to start.

When you are ready, tap the music icon to take a photo, or press and hold the icon to record a video to music.

# 3 Instagram live story

This is how you make an Instagram live story. Just tap on “Start Live Video” and Instagram will notify your followers that you have just started a live Instagram.

Keep in mind that your video will disappear from the app when completed unless you save it on your smartphone.

Here’s how to download an instagram live story: start watching it, then click on the three little dots at the bottom right and tap save.

# 4: Instagram story in normal mode

This is the default setting when using the insta story creator.

Use normal mode to take a live photo, record a video or download content from your photo gallery as we have seen above.

# 5 Instagram Boomerang Story

The Boomerang option takes photos in a burst, then places them end-to-end to create animation.

Tap on the main icon and you will see the screen flash as it takes photos. At this point, perform a small movement: for example, shake the camera or take a step forward.

If you’re a fan of this tweak, Instagram has created a boomerang app that you can use to create boomerang montages to share on other social networks.

# 6 Instagram story focus

This option allows you to zoom in on a detail, while the background is blurred.

In professional photography, this corresponds to a wide depth of field, an effect that works particularly well on portraits.

Once again, take a photo by tapping the large icon, or press and hold to record a video.

# 7 Instagram story super zoom

The super zoom also allows you to zoom in on a detail, but to accompany it with a sound effect which gives a humorous or dramatic effect to the video.

# 8: Instagram story rewind

With this story ig option, you can record backwards. The effect is particularly effective on videos of the body in action such as running or dancing.

# 9 Instagram story style without hands

This story insta setting allows you to record a video without having to hold your smartphone. It is ideal for content such as makeup tutorials or product videos . 

# 10 Instagram story stop motion

This setting is designed to create short animations from photos, like a flip book.

To create a stop motion sequence, take a series of photos one by one. When you’re done, tap “Done” at the top of the screen to see your stop motion animation come to life.