Twitter lists are one of the most useful and unknown tools .

What are Twitter lists?

Twitter lists are a set of profiles whose publications can be viewed in a grouped way.

The profiles that are part of a list have a common link, that is, they have been selected based on  criteria. The criteria  with which the list has been formed.

A list can include both accounts that you follow and others that you don’t follow , but whose posts you are interested in knowing about.

Types of Twitter lists

There are several types of Twitter lists depending on the classification criteria used.

→ Considering the relationship of the user with the list, there are the following types of lists:

› Own lists 

Own lists are, as their name suggests, lists created by the user himself  based on the criteria that interest him most.

A user can create as many Twitter lists as he wants.

Then, in own lists, the user is the owner of his own lists.

› Subscribed lists 

The subscribed are lists created by another user , known or unknown, that are interesting to you and you decide to subscribe.

Subscribing to a ready-made list is interesting because it saves a lot of time.

In those cases, it is the list owners who have invested their time in identifying interesting profiles, adding them, etc.

And by adding yourself as a subscriber, you can use it immediately and access the publications of its members.

Then, in the subscribed lists, the user, let’s say they have a guest role, can use it, but not modify or delete it.

If for any circumstance, you are subscribed to a list and after time you are not interested, just cancel the subscription. Thus, the list would be active for the rest of the subscribers, but not for you.

› Member lists 

These lists refer to those lists created by another user and add you as a member.

These lists are usually created by users you do not know, or with whom a priori you are not linked by any relationship.

When accessing its own, subscribed or member lists, Twitter presents the following information:

The ratio of lists

The profile picture , the name of the user who created it (or owner) and the name of the list.

→ Considering the visibility of the lists, there are the following types:

›Public lists

The public Twitter lists are lists that are visible and accessible to all profiles on Twitter.

When you view a Twitter user’s profile and view their lists, only their public lists are displayed.

And when you access the lists you’re on as a member, only the public lists appear.

›Private lists

Twitter private lists are lists that are neither visible nor accessible to other profiles.

Private lists are only visible to the owner user and he is the only one who can add or remove members.

If a user adds you to a private list, when you consult the lists that you are as a member, it will not appear.

What are Twitter lists for?

Twitter lists are for the following:

1) Facilitate the  display  of publications its members.

2) They enrich content marketing by facilitating the sharing of content from other users who are members of a list.

3) They help to prospect on social networks , since by subscribing to ready-made lists, you will discover a large number of accounts aligned with your target audience.

4) Boost your brand by subscribing to relevant industry lists.