Nowadays, the Instagram algorithm, like that of other social networks, is the nightmare of many companies and brands since they make it extremely difficult for us to promote published content, thus producing little diffusion of these. And this headache that algorithms give us makes us wonder

Since the beginning of the algorithm, there have been a lot of social media strategies that users carry out to increase their diffusion limit, but today we will explain one of the newest and currently used, Instagram Pods. 


Instagram Pods are described as small groups or communities, made up of users who support each other to fight against the Instagram algorithm and achieve greater diffusion and better positioning of their content with respect to those of other users.


Members of these groups follow each other, comment on other members’ posts, and “like” their photos and videos. To be part of one of these groups, the administrator must invite us or we can create our own, although once we are members of an Instagram Pods group, what we have to do is share the link of the most recent photo that we have posted on our Instagram, and ask other members to interact with it (“like”, comment and share). Likewise, when other members share their content, we must do the same in their publications.


Yes. Instagram Pods can produce real benefits for your business, let’s see what they could be.

Improve the positioning of your content in front of other similar ones.

The reach and interaction with your publication can be multiplied by 10.

The conversion rate may increase due to the greater visibility of your brand. 

The advantages are very clear, but now let’s look at the disadvantages.

1 # Time, precious time.

Give a like”. Comment. Share. Repeat. So with each publication that is published in the group, and since they can be at any time and that not all of us have a specific time to dedicate to our social networks, commenting on all the shared publications can take us quietly hours.

2 # Does not produce significant results.

There are some people in these pods who are not interested in you or your content. They are there for themselves and their own results. So as much as they comment and like your posts, you are not generating real relationships with your audience that drive sales and brand loyalty.

3 # Suspicious results

If a follower or new “real” follower comes to a page of a brand that has used a pod they will see that it has obviously been manipulated. Especially if the follower numbers don’t explain the high level of likes or comments.

4 # Likes and comments on content that is not relevant to your brand

Unless you are in a group where the quality of users is higher, you will often have to interact with low quality content or that has nothing to do with your brand.

5 # Instagram is not stupid

Instagram, and therefore also Facebook, invest a lot of money and time optimizing their algorithms and observing how their users participate in the platform. Therefore, it is possible that such sudden interaction is reflected in your system, and could be detrimental to any organic content that you may publish in the future.